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Hello Everyone!

Finally my new cine reel is ready. The shots are taken from several short films shot on RED, Super 16 and the famous Canon 5D/7D.

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“The Real Thing” shoot is over. I can not say it was easy, whole week away from home, shooting 10-12h a day. The beginning was very stressful as we were very worried about the mag space, unfortunately had to drop some shots, but in the end we got the story together. Very professional crew and […]

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In May 2010 final year students asked me to do cinematography on their diploma film. The director’s influence was R.Polanski, which I recon is an excellent auteur filmmaker. We used D90 with kit lens, 50mm f1.8 and 35mm f2. Lighting was tungsten: 2k, 2x1k and 2 kits of redheads, poly for soft bounced light and […]

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