The obvious advantage of shooting with DSLR is outstanding image quality and low light possibilities. This is thanks to relatively larger sensor to video cameras and also photo lenses, which offer rather wide apertures. All comes down to DOF (Depth of Field) – an area of shot in focus, the rest is blurry. Not only this gives the image an aesthetic advantage over video, but it also helps to guide viewers attention using depth of field. The disadvantage of using DSLR is that yet a reliable audio input is to be created on them. Therefore, the best solution is to record audio independently using devices such as Zoom, Fostex or even another video camera with XLR inputs. It might seem like a slow process in the post, but new tools have been invented, and in the end spending extra 15 min syncing the audio is worth the wonderful image quality. Here is one recent business video commissioned by I shot it on canon 7D using 24-70 zoom lens and 50mm prime, one light with double diffusion and separate audio recorder.

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