“The Real Thing” shoot is over. I can not say it was easy, whole week away from home, shooting 10-12h a day. The beginning was very stressful as we were very worried about the mag space, unfortunately had to drop some shots, but in the end we got the story together. Very professional crew and superb cast. It was a real pleasure working with everybody. As mentioned in the previous post we tried to use some high and low camera angles together with wide lenses, we did it, but for some scenes using long lenses was our only solution. The director Emma Lee Teck (www.emmaleeteck.com) deserves a special thanks, she managed to do first class work despite so many barriers and also directed the crew like the most experienced conductor. Had only we had one more mag, much more could have been done. Now everything is in the hands of our skilled editor and fantastic sound designer, I’m sure they will do an excellent job. Here are some production stills:

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