“The Real Thing” shoot begins tomorrow. We spent all day today prelighting and checking camera angles and set at the first location. Shooting on RED and tomorrow is a hand held scene so about 16kg on my shoulders all day. Should be very interesting shoot with a combination of club lights and tungsten fresnels, blondes. Main lenses for tomorrow will be 16mm T1.3 and 25mm T1.3. Although we like shallow DOF we’ll try and not go over T2.0 so our 1stAC doesn’t go mad 🙂

Here is the synipsis of the film:

This fifteen minute comedy film takes a farcical nose dive into the life of West Londoners, Derek and Isabella, where all is not what it seems. Derek departs every morning for work, leaving a bored and frustrated Isabella at home with their obese dog or going for ‘lunches with friends’. Unbeknownst to Isabella, Derek lost his job as a stock broker some time thence and is struggling to maintain their lifestyle while looking for work and doing the only thing available to him that pays; a strippogram for hen parties. Isabella meanwhile, neglected and tired of Dereks lack of communication and unwillingness to discuss babies and set a marriage date, finds companionship by gatecrashing funerals in the pretense of knowing the deceased. However, her actions wreak havoc among the congregation and a disgruntled Vicar sees through her charade. All things come to a head when Derek is hired for a special job that is set to take place in the very church that Isabella frequents. The result is a hilarious climax as Isabella and Derek come face to face in their duplicitous roles. Is all revealed to Derek and Isabella or do they manage to maintain the farce? Does Isabella finally get the wedding she so craves? Stay tuned to find out.

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