I thought about directing a short film for a while now and now I have this opportunity. I received a script from a very talented and already recognized writer Liz Adlington. The film is a story about childhood and also about violence against women at home. The story is told from young boys POV as he takes piano lessons from a young teacher who’s husband is physically abusing her.

Currently we are in the stage of script development and the writer is working on a revised version. I have almost gathered the important members of the team (DOP, Sound design, Editor)

The film will be shot in a month -2.5 month time. Est pic lock – Oct 2010 Est finish – Nov 2010

Film will be shot on Canon 7D with a set of beautiful primes – 50 1.4, 100 2.0, 20, 2.0, 70-200 2.0

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